Get steaming on your local Rails to Trails

Rails to Trails and Greenways are an often overlooked outdoor recreation opportunity. Not only do they encourage people to get out and experience nature, many of them are routed through downtown districts and provide a sense of identity and community involvement. These fitness trails are a great place for family bike rides, rollerblading, or evening strolls, and they don’t require any more equipment than a pair of shoes.


These old tracks can be charming, but the lasting benefit of these routes is they’re generally what first connected many towns in the US. These tracks shipped goods and provided speedy transportation during our nation’s youth.As the nation’s boundaries pushed west, towns sprung up supporting those looking to stake a claim.

As over-the-road trucking became the standard for transportation of goods, much of the national system has been abandoned.

Head Out

The Rails to Trails Conservancy is one organization dedicated to turning these old corridors into multi-use trails for health and recreation. These trails connect communities and provide a safer place for biking, running, and family exercise. Visit this rails to trails map to find a trail close to you.

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