Disappearing Island, New Smyrna Beach

Photo courtesy of Brandon Rich

Disappearing Island is one of those places that is really well known in the small central Florida boating and fishing community. The sandy shoal island is only accessible by boat, and only a beach at low tide – hence its namesake. 

The crowds that gather on the weekends are a fun and social bunch. And it’s get packed pretty dense with boats, so be cautious when throwing anchor and when others attempt to nudge their boat into open spots throughout the day. 

There are small beaches to set camp if you plan to stay overnight. But be aware of the high water line and have a plan to keep the bugs away in the warmer months. 

Photo courtesy of Brandon Rich

Before you go:

  • Check the tides. There’s not much to see at high tide. 
  • A front and rear anchor are recommended to keep you from drifting too far away from your initial spot. 
  • Pets are allowed and most are running off their leash. 
  • The current rips through the area pretty swiftly. Be cautious if you plan to swim. 
  • Anchor in the canal on the northwest side for the best protection from the tides and current. 

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